Traditional Irish Menu


Royal Miyagi Oyster Shooter $1.75
served in a shot glass soaked in vodka and topped with spicy, homemade, tomato horseradish sauce

Half a Dozen Royal Miyagi Oysters on the Half Shell$8.75
served with grated, fresh horseradish and chopped chives, on a bed of seaweed

A Baker’s Dozen of Royal Miyagi Oysters
on the Half Shell
served with grated, fresh horseradish and chopped chives, on a bed of seaweed

Smoked Salmon Boxty served with
Anchovy Parprika Aioli
boxty is a mixture of raw potato and mashed potato, kneaded with flour, and pan fried on a hot griddle

A Platter of Wild Irish Smoked Salmon$6.95
served with homemade toasted brown bread, with cream cheese and Bermuda onions

Crock of Sherry Braised Button Mushrooms$6.95
served with garlic toasted, tradional, brown bread

Calamari Fritte $5.75
served with homemade brandy tomato cocktail sauce

Irishman’s Quesadilla$7.75
a large flour tortilla stuffed with shredded corned beef and melted Pepper Jack cheese, topped with fresh salsa, homemade guacamole, and sour cream

Celtic Nachos$6.22
fried potato skins topped with Irish bacon bits, tomato salsa, and sour cream

Three Crispy Crab Cakes$7.95
served on a bed of tossed greens with a spicy chipolte aioli

Green Street Pizza of the Day$10.95

Celtic Chicken Wings with a Sour Cream Dip$5.25

Anchor Steam Beer Battered Fish and Chips$8.95
served with homemade tartar sauce and capers

Chef’s Homemade Soup of the Day $3.50

Signature Soup $4.50
Brendan Behan’s Beef and Guinness Soup, thickened
with pearl barley

Chef’s Spring Salad with a Raspberry Vinaigrette$5.25

Green Street Caesar Salad $6.22
hearts of Romaine lettuce tossed in a buttermilk dressing, topped with homemade croutons and filets of salted anchovies, and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese

A Hearty Bowl of Lamb Stew$9.50
tender chunks of lamb cooked with a medley of fresh vegetables, thickened with potatoes, flavored with fresh rosemary and thyme from an age old secret recipe

Our Special Corned Beef and Cabbage$11.75
an old favorite, thickly sliced corned beef on a bed of steaming cabbage, served with a white parsley sauce, fresh vegetables, and potatoes

Chicken Pot Pie $8.95
tender pieces of chicken breast, sautéed with garlic and cooked with a medley of fresh vegetables in a Chardonnay Roux, and topped with puff pastry

Homestyle Cottage Pie $8.95
browned ground beef cooked with onions and celery, bound with homemade gravy and topped with whipped potatoes and melted Irish cheddar

Gaelic Colcannon $7.95
a truly Irish concoction of fluffy mashed potatoes, chopped kale and browned onions with a spoon of melted butter, a vegetable lover’s delight

Dry, Aged Angus 10oz Rib Eye Steak with Au Jus$15.75
cooked to your liking and served with stewed onions and pan fried button mushrooms, and accompanied by potatoes

Double Cut Pork Chops $11.95
with Apple Brandy Cream Sauce, Vegetable of the Day, and O’Reilly’s Potatoes

Roasted Rack of Lamb, Rack for One $14.95,
Rack for two
baked in a honey herb crust with basil tomato au jus, served with a puree of carrots, parsnips, and a cauliflower mornay with horseradish potatoes

O’Reilly’s Beef Stoganoff$13.75
strips of Filet Mignon with mushrooms, shallots, and peppers bound in a light cream, flamed in cognac, and served with wild rice

Gaelic Cordon Bleu Chicken $12.95
tender chicken breast stuffed with Irish bacon and a mild Tipperary cheddar cheese, accompanied by horseradish creamed potatoes and vegetables of the day

Fresh Baked Atlantic Cod$11.75
stuffed with Irish Smoked Salmon, sautéed with shallots, cucumber, and dry sherry, bound with a light cream, served on a bed of leek champ

Seafood Parcels $10.95
fresh salmon and Rock Shrimp, bound in a light Chardonnay Sauce and baked in puff pastry, served on a bed of wild rice

Lemon Pepper Crusted Salmon Filet$14.95
served with wild rice and vegetables of the day

Curried Vegetable Cassoulet$9.75
tender, fresh vegetables in a mild, curried sauce, served on a bed of rice